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It is very important that we must be patient to your 'Snow Removal Contractor'. You tend to panic when the snow on your driveway is not remove right away. As much as you want your snow to disappear, same thing that your 'Contractor' is eager to tend your needs. As we all know that it takes 12 hours for the 'Contractor' to remove your snow (As indicated to your "Contract").

However, there are many reasons why there is a delay for your 'Contractor' to be there right away.

One, the Snow Storm is still persistently in effect and the snow is still dumping. It is useless for the 'Contractor' to remove your snow right away. It is not wise for them to do it in an efficient manner.

Two, they are tight-up in the midst of the Rush hour traffic and they cannot move at all to look after your snow.

Three, they are on route in Planned sequence toward your property and maybe some clients  like you are calling too for their snow problem. You expect them to answer you promptly but in that day thousands of call are taking place. The time your 'Contractor' is busy removing the snow, they are busy answering everybody.  Unless they have their own full time Secretary to receive your call and explain.

Four, their Driver or Helper decide not to show up at that day. This is the worst nightmare to the 'Snow Removal Company'.

Lastly, there must be Mechanical Failures to one of their trucks or equipments. This is unpreventable event and they cannot do about it but bear in mind that they are doing all the possible options and alternative to remove your snow right away.

Everybody have the right to be upset about the service but you must consider the possible unforeseen circumstances that takes place in that day. There are many things may occur on that day that your 'Contractor' are not willing to take it. The only thing you need is to pray for your longer patience.

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