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5cm Thickness on Snow Removal Issue

         It is the best interest and welfare for both party (Contractor and Client) when we put ourselves to the right position with full of wisdom to know your Snow Removal Contract's content. There are times that when we sign-up for the Snow Removal Service we have to consider it by reading carefully what are the stipulations written in the Contract that are disadvantages and advantages to you. The worse thing to happen when we think that everything is fine. But most of the Snow Contractors are clear enough to express their services in black and white informations as possible. 

        However, there are times that either we do not careless to read or we do not really understand what is written in the Contract and to your surprise you feel you have been deceive. As in the Contractor's perspective we tried to write everything that could possible that will not create confusion in the future. Like the 5cm thickness of the snow before removal is a norm to all Contractors in the GTA. 

        Unless, you will make a special Contract that will make an amendment on the thickness of the snow before removal. Be prepared to make some extra cost or negotiate with them in a cheaper price.  It is the consumer's right to be well verse on all the stipulations written in the Contract or else you will be confronted with disappointment.

         Remember, you will be charged if you call them for removal of the snow that is less than 5cm. (at least $50). The best option If you do not feel paying extra cost for the Snow removal less than the centimeter specified, you can purchase a bag of salt from any hardware store (i.e. Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Lowes) and sprinkle them on your driveway and walkway when the snow is not thick (>5cm) enough to be removed by your Contractor. On that, you will have rest assure less trouble.

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