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When it comes to "EAVESTHROUGH GUTTER CLEANING" is an easy task and you will save money than letting your "Contractor" do it. However, it will involve safety precautions. You have to have a proper equipments such as: tall right ladder, safety harness, and etc. When you do it yourself and you have all the safety precautions in place, never use the gutter as support, and always tie your harness to the chimney or solid structure to prevent fall.  

Neglecting your Eavesthrough cleaning may cause damage to your roof gutters, breeding ground for carpenter ants, airwicks, mosquitoes, and etc. This project must be done twice a year, Fall and Spring time.

All our good intentions are positive. However, we may risk to injured ourselves and even cause death when we are trying to save money. It is not worth-it when you fall from the roof if you do not have any safety precautions. If you feel uncomfortable to go up to the roof, don't do it at all. Just call us and we will tend your building maintenance needs. Call at 416 723-6105 or send us an mail:

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