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5cm Thickness on Snow Removal Issue

         It is the best interest and welfare for both party (Contractor and Client) when we put ourselves to the right position with full of wisdom to know your Snow Removal Contract's content. There are times that when we sign-up for the Snow Removal Service we have to consider it by reading carefully what are the stipulations written in the Contract that are disadvantages and advantages to you. The worse thing to happen when we think that everything is fine. But most of the Snow Contractors are clear enough to express their services in black and white informations as possible.


It is very important that we must be patient to your 'Snow Removal Contractor'. You tend to panic when the snow on your driveway is not remove right away. As much as you want your snow to disappear, same thing that your 'Contractor' is eager to tend your needs. As we all know that it takes 12 hours for the 'Contractor' to remove your snow (As indicated to your "Contract").

However, there are many reasons why there is a delay for your 'Contractor' to be there right away.


North Americans tend to entertain and fondle 'procrastination'. It is a decease of everyone to those who are too busy doing nothing, "Ah! I have lots of time for that and this." In reality, the next time we realized we are running out of time or even too late to undo.

We are overwhelmed with lots of things to do and we don't even know which one we will do it first. Regardless what level of things we should do, whether at Work, Family or even Love life. We must do it while you have a glimpse of time before everything will be too late.


When it comes to "EAVESTHROUGH GUTTER CLEANING" is an easy task and you will save money than letting your "Contractor" do it. However, it will involve safety precautions. You have to have a proper equipments such as: tall right ladder, safety harness, and etc. When you do it yourself and you have all the safety precautions in place, never use the gutter as support, and always tie your harness to the chimney or solid structure to prevent fall.  

Neglecting your Eavesthrough cleaning may cause damage to your roof gutters, breeding ground for carpenter ants, airwicks, mosquitoes, and etc.

What it matters the most when you hire a Contractor, Insurance Coverage.

What is the most important thing when you enter to a contract with your "Contractor"?

Regardless what you want him/her to do in your property whether it is a big or small project, you are still liable for his welfare or safety when he is working in your property.

You have to ensure that he has a valid Insurance coverage and WSIB just in case he/she will bungle or he/she will injured himself/herself in you property. At least you have a peace of mind that you want the project to be done without hassle.

Building the Trust with your Contractor

When signing up the "Contract" whether it is for Snow Removal or Grass Cutting and your first time you have a contract with the "Contractor". You can ask the Contractor if you could pay them partially on the cost of the job, the rest of the balance will be paid upon the completion of the project. You may also insist that if they have monthly payment option. In that you will not have a "Run Away Contractor"

Take GTA by Storm

This is a great news for Snow Angels Contracting. We have purchased additional new line of truck fleet for our company. We are also excited to announce that this mid-April we aggressively launched our landscaping business venture. We already added another full time employee on sales department in order to propel us rigorously. We will take GTA by storm without hesitation. Wish us for our blessed endeavor.

Snow Angels just Purchased 'Pro-tect Sealing Services'.

Good News,
          Snow Angels Contracting just recently purchased a new sealing company'Pro-tect Sealing Services'that deals with asphalt, brick, and concrete sealing. We have fantastic business opportunities this year. We will take over the management and operation by this end of March. This Summer we will launch a tremendous  and exciting additional arsenals on driveway sealing services. We look forward to see that Snow Angels Contracting Inc.

More than 300 trips for the last 3 years.

We have more than 300 trips to clean our client's snow without missing a single assignment for the last 3 years. We are consistently serving our customer with their dollar worth for it. Above all this, we have also 'Zero Accident' in our work for the last 7 years. We are proud serving GTA community and we look forward to have more years to come with clean and reputable service in the community. Make your plan and appointment with us to join to be come our valued customers. Call us at your convenient time and you will be glad you choose 'Snow Angels Contracting'.

Greetings from All of Us

Dear Valued Customers,
       Greetings in behalf of the Crews of Snow Angels Contracting. May the Joy and lots of excitements in your family during this Holiday Season. We must reflect and examine ourselves of what we can improve in our lives and maintain the positive attitude as the key to success.
We look forward to do business with you this 2012.

God Bless You All,
Rizalde Dequilla
Operation Manager
416 723-6105

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