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What it matters the most when you hire a Contractor, Insurance Coverage.

What is the most important thing when you enter to a contract with your "Contractor"?

Regardless what you want him/her to do in your property whether it is a big or small project, you are still liable for his welfare or safety when he is working in your property.

You have to ensure that he has a valid Insurance coverage and WSIB just in case he/she will bungle or he/she will injured himself/herself in you property. At least you have a peace of mind that you want the project to be done without hassle.

Today it is still existing of small time Contractors that they tried to save money and risk themselves to work with the Customers without any insurance coverage at all. This is very risky when customer will play ignorant in their part too.

Be careful what you are getting into. You have to make sure and ask your "Contractor" for the copy of his/her insurance coverage first before you will make him/her start your project. Snow Angels Contracting have a full coverage and will assure it to you that we take care of our customer. Just drop us a line or send us an email. Cheers

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white card nsw on February-20-13 6:58 AM
These are the points that should be keep in mind at the time of hiring contractor to prevent any unwanted situations.
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Commodity Tips on July-17-13 12:22 AM
It is a very vital issue for every person that need to take care about the "dangers" and must be utilize the personal insurance. Knowing about it, I am very concerned. Congrats....
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Construction projects for bid on July-22-13 6:16 AM
There are so many things that you consider when you hire a contractor.I do agree with you that we are still liable for his welfare or safety when he is working in our property.
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garage franchise opportunities on February-02-14 9:27 AM
We all want to believe that the people we hire to do work are reputable and honest. However, if no insurance is in place at the time of an accident there could be high costs that would be beyond the means of the contractor to pay for the damages.

Yehuda fulda on November-22-13 11:33 PM
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oral surgeon in costa mesa on February-23-14 1:43 PM
here’s always something unknown about a project, or an area that is most likely to trigger an immediate change order. Odds are, your contractor already knows what that is.

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Intraday Tips Provider on June-15-15 12:56 AM
You have to ensure that he has a valid Insurance coverage and WSIB just in case he/she will bungle or he/she will injured himself/herself in you property.
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